Happy Valentine’s Day – Did You Love Yourself Today?

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Today is when we celebrate love. People think of hearts and flowers and chocolate and dinner. While most people associate this day with loving someone else, may I suggest that you love yourself today as well?

Valentines DayWhy don’t you review your fitness and nutrition goals today? Have you been walking? Exercising? Drinking lots of water? Cutting down on unnecessary calories from fried foods, sugary drinks, candy, cake and everything else you know you shouldn’t be eating? While it’s lovely to think of other people today, why not think about yourself? Give yourself the gift of health!

I received a text from my workout partner last night that made me smile. She asked if I would be her gym Valentine today. What better gift for both of us than going to the gym and doing something healthy for ourselves? Skip the candy and hit the weight room. What a great present!

Valentine’s Day is just one more holiday filled with pitfalls.  I’ve always had a different way of looking at foods.  I’ve never liked fatty foods, salad dressings or gravy.  My parents eat them all, so I don’t know exactly how I ended up being the one person in my family that rejected fats. Today is one of those days where people give each other candy.  To me, that’s like saying… I love you so much that I want you to die an early death from coronary heart disease!  Why not give someone a healthy fruit basket instead?  Dinner and champagne are also standard fare. Why not make it a healthy dinner and go light on the alcoholic beverages? Today should be a day where you celebrate love, and life and living well. That doesn’t have to include derailing the health goals you’ve set for yourself just to enjoy a holiday.

people_exercisingThere’s nothing in the Valentine’s Day Rule Book that says you can’t do something nice for yourself. Have you been wanting to take a long, peaceful walk? Then do it! Haven’t had time lately to hit the gym? Then go! Want a nice, relaxing massage? Then get one! All these things you can do with your significant other, a family member or close friend. I can’t think of a better gift to show how much you care for someone else AND yourself by doing something that helps make you stick around this planet a little longer, can you?

So, have a wonderful, healthy Valentine’s Day!

Until next time, remember that… there are no excuses when it comes to your health!


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