Posted in May 2013

Recipe Friday – Homemade Hummus

Have you ever noticed how long weekends can feel especially short?  I myself try to plan so many things into holiday weekends that Tuesday comes and it feels as though the extra day never happened. For the many of us who will celebrate Memorial Day with a cookout or get-together, it pays to have simple, … Continue reading

Recipe Friday – Onion and Asparagus Frittata

Egg dishes are, in my opinion, the unsung hero of weeknight suppers.   They are inexpensive, easy, and incredibly versatile.  Although they do contain cholesterol, eggs are a great source of protein, essential fatty acids, and lutein, an antioxidant. High blood cholesterol is a health risk, as it can increase one’s risk for developing plaques, or buildup … Continue reading

Leg Exercise – Calf Raises

When you focus on gaining great legs, it’s easy to forget about your calves.  Quads and hammies are much bigger muscles, and I think you naturally focus on the biggest muscles before you focus on the smaller ones.  However, great quads and hamstrings demand great calf muscles.  For men, it makes you look symmetrical.  For … Continue reading

Vitamin C – What Is It?

Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid in its reduced form and dehydroascorbic acid in its oxidized form.  Since this vitamin receives and donates electrons, it can act as an antioxidant.  All plants and most animals make ascorbic acid.  Humans cannot make vitamin C, so we must obtain it from our diet. Vitamin C … Continue reading