About Stacey

Hello!  I’m Stacey and I live in my kitchen.

I know what you’re thinking.  And yes, I mean that figuratively: I love creating food and sharing it with people.  Usually this occurs in my kitchen.  Since August of last year, however, this statement came to mean that I, quite literally, live in my kitchen.  This is because my kitchen is also my living room, bedroom, and office.  I made my tiny studio apartment in Cincinnati my home after I decided to leave my home state of Massachusetts to get my Masters degree in Nutrition.  For this reason, the majority of my meal recipes are great to share with people who want to eat nutritious and wholesome food even if they can, say, touch their bed and kitchen sink at the same time.

My love for food started at a really young age, although I can’t really tell you exactly when.  I vividly remember watching Julia Child whisk sauces and dress ducks before I ever wielded a knife (or pencil, for that matter).  My fervor for food is accompanied by a deep passion for its ability to heal and protect us if we utilize it properly.  After spending a year volunteering with an organization that taught nutrition-based cooking classes to families, I shifted my career goals in the direction that my inner compass had tried to guide me since I picked my first strawberry from my grandfather’s backyard garden and tasted how delicious are the simplest things in life.

Thanks to you and JoJo for letting me take part of this little corner of cyberspace.  I hope that the recipes I share give you inspiration to try something new and exciting, so that eating healthy is not something that is a chore or obligation, but something that is fun and fulfilling.  I hope you enjoy!


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