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I Like My Drama On TV, Not In Real Life

Sorry for my absenteeism from the blog.  I’ve been sick.  I’ve been busy.  I’ve been dealing with drama.  Not the kind on TV.  The kind in real life. To back up a minute, this year hasn’t been my best.  I came down with Bell’s Palsy at the end of April, broke one of my toes … Continue reading

Leg Exercise – Calf Raises

When you focus on gaining great legs, it’s easy to forget about your calves.  Quads and hammies are much bigger muscles, and I think you naturally focus on the biggest muscles before you focus on the smaller ones.  However, great quads and hamstrings demand great calf muscles.  For men, it makes you look symmetrical.  For … Continue reading

Leg Exercise – Lunges

One of the best exercises you can do for your quads and glutes, and secondarily the hamstrings, is the lunge exercise.  Lunges are something that you can do anywhere.  This is one exercise that no matter how many times I do it, I end up a little sore.  That’s a good thing because it means … Continue reading

Core Exercise – Supermans

Last week, I gave you an abdominal exercise, so this week, we’re going to finish off one whole round of body exercises by working on our lower back muscles.  So, let’s get to it! Lower Back Muscles When you look at the lower back, what you probably see first is the latissimus dorsi (lats).  However, … Continue reading

Core Exercise – Abdominal Crunch

When I first started working out, I absolutely hated doing abdominal exercises.  In truth, I didn’t like them because I had a difficult time performing them.  I just didn’t have the muscle.  I ended up sore all the time.  Once I got a little muscle on me, ab work became a challenge and not a … Continue reading

Forearm Exercise – Reverse Wrist Curls

Last week, we talked about Wrist Curls.  This week, we’ll work the opposite forearm muscles by performing Reverse Wrist Curls.  Working your forearms is important because you need to hold onto resistance for a majority of exercises that you perform.  You don’t want your forearm muscles to limit what you can lift with bigger muscle groups.  … Continue reading

Forearm Exercise – Wrist Curls

When I first started with my current workout partner, she thought it was crazy that I made her do wrist curls.  No matter how many times I explained it, she thought it was a waste of time to work our forearms.  A couple of months later, she found out why I insisted. The majority of … Continue reading

Tricep Exercise – Tricep Kickbacks

I gave you an exercise the other day to work your biceps, so let’s go over to the other side of your upper arm and work your triceps brachii (or triceps, in gym lingo).  While a lot of people will go to the gym and focus endlessly on working their biceps, the triceps are actually … Continue reading